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To ensure a sufficient balance for all users, the Faucet is set to dispense 0.1 testnet BERA tokens every 8 hours.
Our Faucet Partners
Help us assure a consistent drip across the ecosystem.
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Berachain’s Dex
Swap a variety of tokens effortlessly on our decentralized platform. Provide liquidity to pools and earn BGT rewards.
Berachain’s Native Stablecoin
A stablecoin that's integral to the Berachain ecosystem. Utilize HONEY for seamless trading, ensuring value consistency.
Supply Assets & Borrow HONEY
Supply assets and unlock the potential to borrow HONEY. Earn BGT rewards while you supply and borrow.
Trade Your Favourite Pairs
Experience the thrill of high leverage trading, tailored for both novices and seasoned traders. With an impressive 100x leverage.
BGT Station
The Hub for BGT Governance
Engage directly in the governance of BGT, leverage BGT Station for innovative bribe mechanisms, enhancing participation.
Berachain's block explorer
A complete guide to the Berachain Network. View all transactions and get detailed blockchain info with ease.